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I have some deep roots in the county thru my Cameron and Henderson families.

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Firstly we need to create a subdomain A Record called 'mail'. Again, if you are using an external mail agency, then skip this step.This is only for those who plan on running a mail server on their Slice. Again, click 'new record' and select MX Record from the 'type' drop down box: In the fields I entered: Name: (Note the trailing period '.') Auxiliary Info: 0 Unless you have specific requirements to change the Auxiliary Info, leave it at 0.

I told it I wanted to "park" my domain and use all of the default Go Daddy nameservers.If you haven't created a zone for your domain, then refer to this article.You should already have the base records shown here: Click on the 'new record' link.And during this "afterwards" phase, the emails are rejected (as the domain is already pointing to GD, which is "pending" for some reason).(Luckily I have an "extra" domain to play with before moving the big ones.)I'm not sure I understand the situation in detail, but you can have more than one MX record, with different priorities (likely, you can set this up at your current host via the control panel).So even if you set up everything on Go Daddy's side, the email account's status will still show "Pending Setup: validating MX record" for quite a while, rejecting all incoming email.