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Aiming at the test data obtained from acceleration simulation mode, the implementation date of The large sample data classification statistics of exhaust pollutants test data from 57,997 in-use vehicles were conducted under acceleration simulation mode conditions, two-speed idle conditions and free acceleration conditions.Aiming at the test data obtained from acceleration simulation mode, the implementation date of different stages national standards for vehicle emissions was regarded as the service life interval classification rules.Because the parent company now fully controls the subsidiary, by accounting rules, the parent company must present its subsidiary’s and its own financial operations in a consolidated manner (even though the two companies may be separate legal entities).The parent company does so by publishing a consolidated financial statement, which combines the assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses of the parent company as well as those of its affiliates (that is, its subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures).The results indicate that a long-term 1% increase in nuclear power led to a 0.26–0.32% decrease in CO emissions per capita. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. The highlights were not transcribed by the SEC and have not been considered or acted upon by the SEC or its staff.Accordingly, these highlights do not constitute an official statement of the views of the Commission or of the staff of the Commission.

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The panel datasets consist of 18 countries covering 95% of the global nuclear reactors.

As with all other documents issued by the CAQ, these highlights are not authoritative and users are urged to refer directly to applicable authoritative pronouncements for the text of the technical literature.

These highlights do not purport to be applicable or sufficient to the circumstances of any work performed by practitioners.

If you hold a minority interest in the subsidiary of a parent company, the consolidated financial statement won’t give you the information you need to make decisions about your holdings.

A subsidiary with minority shareholders must report its financial results separately from its parent company’s in addition to having its report included in the consolidated financial statements.