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Create over a million unique Sims and control their lives.Customize everything from their appearances, to their personalities and even the home of their dreams.My Sunshine 4.76 My Sunshine is free online dating sim game at .You must be smart, looks great and charm Damien, Leon and Tom.And it looks like it's going to end in divorce as well, because she keeps re-dating her second husband XD and she keeps 'being romantic' in front of her current spouse, so divorce is immanent XDMy sim is partners with a sim from another town, I'm still kinda new to the game so I was wondering if there was an action where they could break up?This game is an anime style visual novel that is about a young girl who is immersed in her favorite online game.

If the relationship goes any further, will the husband break up with his wife because of this?Then, send your Sims out to explore new locations around town and to meet other Sims in the neighborhood.The Sims 3 gives you the freedom to choose whether (or not!Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just wondering : P Nope, you can have multiple "partners". Another guy is partners with 2 girls and now working on his 3rd.Hahahaha Every action gives you XP, so you just keep increasing all the friendships and you use the romance options, after a while they end up partners! I have one sim (guy) who's romanticly involved with all my girls and the girls husbands hate him, they won't break up with them unless a couple is ride to each other and then there is the option to get divorced or break up.I wish this game was more like the sims on the computer ...