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At the same time, changing my profile status to “seeing someone” every time I go on a second date seems like overkill. And you totally came to the right guy to answer them.

My second question is about saying no/rejecting people. I know what I am supposed to do – spit it out, be direct – but I really, really wish there was a less uncomfortable way to do it (men have it easy, all they have to do is not call). Really, I hate to toot my own horn about my embarrassingly vast online dating experience, but, well, TOOT TOOT! You want to act with integrity and be nice, but not hurt anybody’s feelings. Most people, men and women, have no interest in hurting anyone passively or actively.

I seem to have the opposite problem of most of the women in your blog when it comes to online dating – too much of a good thing!

I get a fair number of interesting replies and first messages and there are two things I’m struggling with.

In an era of Match.com, e Harmony, Tinder, and Bumble, it seems as if everyone is meeting their significant other online.

According to Pew Research, 12% of American adults used a dating site and 9% used a dating app on their mobile device in 2015 (up from 9% and 3% in 2013, respectively).

Nietzsche also said that instinctive judgments are misleading because they “pronounce their Yes and No before the understanding can speak.” Furthermore, to act impulsively is decadent and hedonistic, and these are “signposts to nihilism.” So does the rise of online dating in our culture signal an embrace of self-indulgence?

And does it come at the expense of long-term relationships?

In the late 1800s, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had a lot to say about love.Thus, there’s no dating without heartbreak, any more than there’s swimming without getting wet.So for the first question, you have three things you can do more effectively.First, is there an acceptable way to say, “My dance card is pretty full right now, but I’ll get back to you in a few weeks if none of those dates go further?” I can’t think of a good way to phrase this that doesn’t sound like the guy is “second choice” or a backup option – and usually he is a perfectly interesting and attractive person, not a second choice at all, but I don’t want to be in the situation of having three different dates every week and having to draw up a spreadsheet to keep track of them all!View the full list Online dating sites and apps are transforming relationships.