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Participants of the program learned about leadership, project management, consultation, and worked on projects to test out their new skills in the community.The Wirranrnithi Environmental Education Trail is a guide to the interpretation trail that is aimed at families of all ages providing a map and information about this wonderful ‘hidden’ trail situated in park 23.He told Janonis while "clearly you never intended to do that ...there can be no doubt that you sent those texts to excite yourself sexually and to sexually arouse the recipients"."On one count you described the child as being your 14-year-old stepsister," he said."In the other you described the fictitious children as being aged 10 and 13 years."Judge Beazley said while Janonis did not appreciate his text messages could constitute child pornography, the fact was that under the law they did."I readily accept that your conduct was markedly different from the usual case of acquiring and disseminating images of children being sexually abused," he said."You were not encouraging a market and it was restricted contact."But while there is a significant difference between supplying photos of children engaged in sexual acts, and the situation involving fictitious texting by you, the risk in your case is that a recipient, or in this case both recipients, may be sexually aroused and act with depraved tendencies towards children."Your offending involved the sending of texts to two individuals, apparently of like minds, and did not involve anything other than fictitious, albeit depraved stories. It did not involve an actual child."Janonis's sentence and 10-month non-parole period were backdated to commence from February 25, which was when his bail was revoked. There's been major rumblings in the background for Hidden Intent, with preparations for a new album coming along swiftly.There’s a strong belief among the camp that these new tracks are easily the strongest material to date.So we thought it best to hear it from the horses mouth; we sit down with Chris Mc Ewan of Hidden Intent to get all the juicy details for Metal As Fuck.Can you give us a little background on the band for those playing at home and also some of the highlights the band have seen thus far?

The sunsets from here are beautiful and it's a perfectly peaceful setting to chill out at the end of a busy day." The Wirranrnithi Environmental Education Trail was developed by a team of four community members participating in the Adelaide Community Leaders Program in 2015.2,000 volunteer hours are spent bringing back the native bush to parts of this park each year.When opened in 1924, the Playground in this Park was divided by age and sex, with a supervisor in charge."Hidden Intent started in 2011 by myself and Phil Bennett when our original bands died in the ass.I'd seen Phil around at local shows but I properly met him at a Marty Friedman guitar clinic here in Adelaide - I still give him shit for not giving me a lift home that night! At the time I was getting into Coroner and noticed how tight and heavy they were for a three piece, so i rang Phil and we discussed the idea of us forming our own band where sing and play bass, he shreds and we get a mad thrash drummer - less egos the better, less texting, more riders...The boys have also recently locked down their maiden European voyage coming up in May 2017 alongside US act Lich King.