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Dating horse shoes

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The origin of this custom requiring them to remit on their first visit a shoe from their horse or to compound for it in money remains unknown to this day.

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Whatever the impulse, the benign result has been sport in all its forms: running, throwing, hitting, as well as the development of skills necessary to master them all. It is striking, however, how much has remained the same even in the midst of change.

Those infrequent times when they are forced to run for their lives, those hindered by sore feet are easy prey for predators.

Of course horse owners, even in primitive times, weren't interested in survival of the fittest.

Bocce, in Italy, known as boules in France or bowls in England, came to the United States with Italian, French and Irish immigrants to take up residence in neighborhood and community clubs. Why not toss a u-shaped iron object that just happened to be hanging around the stable?

Croquet, a primarily British sport, followed the path of the British Empire and then the Commonwealth, showing up in the United States in the mid-19th century. All three of these time-tested games are thriving today — and in our own New England backyards.