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Comcast data usage meter not updating

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I’d be chromecasting pandora while uploading Vines and thinking those blinking lights on my router were doing all the work.After six years of paying overage fees, I realized that’s not true. When I got hit with my normal data overages last month, I started to wonder…Broadband Usage Meter is a very simple software solution designed to calculate data transfers and show the statistics directly on the desktop.Although most users expect a complicated app with tons of features, Broadband Usage Meter is actually pretty easy to use - the ace up its sleeve is the way it shows the collected information. That’s the amount of data you download and upload from all the connected devices in your home each month.Each of our plans comes with a monthly data allowance.An increasing number of communities are building their own fiber-to-the-home networks, delivering 21st century broadband service to local residents and businesses. You can take action right now to protect your broadband account from Internet Overcharging practices.Click the title "Fight Back" and learn how you can help get legislation passed to prohibit unjustified rate hikes.

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Abandoning the reliable rural landline has serious consequences for customers that will be indefinitely stuck with usage capped, expensive Internet access and potentially unreliable cell phone service.

The application calculates broadband usage and displays the result straight on the desktop in a very simple yet effective way.

While it offers real-time updates, Broadband Usage Meter sports only a few customization features, which isn't quite a good thing since the statistics remain on the desktop at all times.

If you exceed your monthly data plan a third time (bill cycle), and as our agreement provides, we’ll charge you for each additional 50GB of data provided to you that month.

The maximum overage charge is 0 a month for AT&T Internet and 0 a month for DSL and Fixed Wireless Internet.