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Dating a child of alcoholics

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Imagine spending most of your time in your bedroom because when your dad comes home he wants silence while he sucks down a fifth of whiskey before he yells at everyone in the house for something they did or didn't do.Imagine the constant whispers behind your back because you are the kid with the drunken parent.

Alcoholic families tend to be driven by a system of rigidity, such as lack of flexibility and arbitrary rules, that predispose children to develop a sense of overwhelm or confusion.

Growing up in a chaotic and unpredictable environment causes the adult child of an alcoholic to internalize messages of distrust, insecurity, and belief that they should suppress their emotional responses.

Children of alcoholics exhibit higher rates of antisocial personality traits than what would be expected in the general population.

Imagine not even mentioning when you have a concert or other activity at school because you’re terrified your drunken mother may show up and embarrass you.

Imagine going to bed hungry because your parent was too drunk to feed you.